First render of my Carmod in Cinema 4D, if need renders you can msg me (figured out how to do it now) ;3
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Hey guys, I'm back (AGAIN). Wasn't posting much cause my screen was broken, but now that I've gotten a new screen, I should hopefully start modding again.
So here's the first mod after I've gotten a screen - a Drift Missile Onevia.


Resurrected from the dead, and new mods!!

Well, I've been playing alot more shooter games, and kinda forgot about gta sa.
A few days ago I saw Jakee's RX-7 JDM,and was like OMFG LOOKS EPIC, so I've decided to open ZModeler again,and try to do sum shit. Here's what i've came up with.
           -Jakee: scratched lé rims
           -BlackBird: gave me the converted supra from FM3


Mah r32 [VIP and WIP]

Ignore the HUD on the 1st pic,plz :(

New bloggie :3

Hai guys,ti's my new blog ^^
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